Plant a seed, plant a flower, plant a rose.

One of my most annoying traits is that I can’t stay mad for any significant length of time.  This is annoying to me because I want to get–and stay–angry.  I’m a passionate person; my feathers get ruffled.  In the moment, I want to disown, disavow, destroy, and/or decapitate whoever it is that’s being just so unjust.  But I’m not wired to stay that way.

This trait is annoying to other people because they want to stay angry with me.  They don’t expect to be sharing Girl Scout cookies and deep dark secrets mere minutes after WWIII.  Sorry, friends, you’re going to get whiplash when I drag you along as I bounce back.  And pass the Thin Mints.

One little person has taught me so much about priorities, forgiveness, and sunshine.  When Violet was several months old, we learned that all it took to get her from screaming her tiny head off to belly laughing was a chorus of “MMBop.”  This kiddo is the princess of bouncing back.  Even though I feel I’ve failed her as a mother a thousand times (Violet, I’m sorry for the times I’ve dressed you like “someone out of an 80s workout video” according to your Aunt Jessica), she has a big smile to get me motivated every morning.  Grins > grudges for this girl.

Thank you, sweet baby, for demonstrating how my oh-so-annoying trait of easy forgiveness can be a blessing.  If only I could harness your innocence and possess a fraction of your grace.

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