La mesa del agua.

BJ’s parents gave Violet a water table for her first birthday.  Let’s just say it’s a hit.  I love having space on the patio for Violet to splash away (or at least I will once we can solve the me-getting-eaten-by-ants problem).

Violet isn’t typically in a great mood when she gets home from daycare (read: she screams until she gets Veggietales, Cheerios, or both), so we decided we’d have the table set up for her to play when she gets home.  Best idea ever.  She splashed her little heart out.

I asked BJ if he thought I was preventing Violet from enjoying her playtime with my constant pestering (“Violet!  Look at Mommy!  One-two-three CHEESE!”).  He shrugged, which I think was a yes, but she looks like she’s having a pretty great time in the ten thousand pictures I took.

I don’t claim to capture people at their best.

This was right before she started mimicking the “one-two-three”s.  Sassypants.

Things I learned today:

  • There are few sights cuter than smiling baby girls in jeggings.
  • Ants can bite you even if you’re standing in water.
  • The meltdown that occurs when bringing Violet home from daycare is nowhere near as dramatic as the one caused by removing her from her water table.

At least she got the rest of her splashes out of her system.

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