I am ridiculously inspired by the Quotes category on Pinterest.  Throw a mountain scene behind a Bible verse and I’m in tears.  When I need a quick pick-me-up, I scroll through that category and PIN ALL THE THINGS.  Including my desktop background–

–and the Roald Dahl quote I have framed in my office.

I will have the good fortune to be sharing an office with one of my favourite little mamas, Kaitlyn, starting next month.  We’ve already chatted about how we’ll make our space the most inspiring room EVER and how many huge things we’ll accomplish with such a motivating area in which to work.  I wouldn’t bet against us either.

I’ve been trying to decide which quotes and verses I want to print and frame for my currently blank office walls.  I finally decided I’d just practice my Publisher skills and make some basic artwork myself.  Below are some of my attempts.

inspired by a similar print by BlossomAndVine on Etsy

I’m definitely not a Publisher pro, and I realize there a thousand better programs to use, but I have very limited patience and maybe one (fractured) creative bone in my body.

I’d love suggestions for quotes or verses to use for future art projects!

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