2013 (AKA That Boring Post with No Pictures of Violet)

Confession: I suck at blogging.  You already know that if you follow my blog.  But hey, that’s okay!  Because near the top of my list of 2013 goals (not resolutions–I’ll get to that in a second) is “Be a better blogger.”  I have so much insight to impart; it’s a shame to let all that wisdom go to waste.

There were some amazing moments in 2012, and some not-so-amazing moments.  For the sake of New Year Goal #1 (see below), I’ll overlook the negatives and highlight the five greatest moments of 2012 (in no particular order):

  1. Hearing Violet say “I love you”
  2. Violet surprising us by singing several songs we didn’t know she knew
  3. Getting pregnant with our rainbow baby
  4. Graduating college with a job lined up
  5. BJ graduating and being offered a job

And now, for the list of New Year Goals.  I say “Goals” because “Resolutions” suggest that I can commit to my list and make it happen, and that isn’t true for all of these.  Some of them are out of my hands.  Plus, I tend to fall by the wayside on resolutions by the second month week day of January, and I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  With “Goals,” I can fall off the horse or wagon or whatever, wait a few days, and then hop back on when I’m in a better mood.  So here goes (once again with the random order):

  1. Maintain a positive outlook on life — Much, much easier typed than lived out for a year.
  2. Be a better blogger — As in, update more often than I dust my baseboards.
  3. Exercise regularly — I actually did start this today; yay me!  Pizza all around.
  4. Be accepted to the MSW program at UA — I should find out next month!
  5. Be a more hands-on mom to Violet — When she spends 9.5 hours a weekday with her amazing teachers, I don’t always feel the need to provide creative experiences for her.  This started with rainy-day craft time today!
  6. Have a baby!  — So I’m aiming to gain ~20 pounds rather than setting any weight loss goals this year.  Score!
  7. Have a clean house every day — Watch out, I’m getting radical.
  8. Simplify our family life — This involves lots of decluttering and routine-building.
  9. Write a novel (again) — Okay, this one I just thought of on the spot.  But it’d be cool, right?  And these are “Goals,” so it’s okay to write like 1/4 of a novel and say I meant to type “novelette.”
  10. Cook more, and try new dishes — I’ve gotten better about this over Christmas vacation.  My crockpot and I are BFFs.  Now to keep it up while working fulltime.
  11. Stick to a budget and pay off some debt — Our student loan debts scare the crap out of me.  I need these suckers paid off.
  12. Leave work at work — I’m guilty of checking my work email from my couch and working on projects at home that could and should be saved for the office.  While the quality of my work is important to me, so are my marriage and family.  Home time is us time!

And there you have it!  12 of my goals for this year.  Now that you know them, you should know not to mention them to me at all, ever, because accountability is the worst.  If I want to make an Eeyore comment, there will be no “What about Goal #1, Kacey?” in reply.  And if you notice I’m Instagraming a whole lot of “fancy” Ramen noodle dishes, no comments of “Wow, you’re sure doing swell with #10, eh?”

Just kidding about that last part.  I don’t use Instagram.  Happy New Year!

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2 Responses to 2013 (AKA That Boring Post with No Pictures of Violet)

  1. Sam says:

    I’m going to compare every comment you ever make on Facebook with all 12 of these points and call you out in the comments section.

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