4 months in review.

Jesus loves me, this I know / Even when my blog is slow…

Once I’d gone about a week without blogging in the new year, I was too embarrassed to have already broken one of my resolutions to actually sit down and type a post.  I told myself that I’d finally post when either: 1) I had some major news that would make people forget my broken blog promises; or 2) I had a really, really good excuse for not blogging.  Neither have happened; it’s now April.  Whatever.

There have been some pretty big changes for the Neely household this year–good changes!  BJ started work as an analytical lab tech at SiO2 Medical Products in early January, and he’s really enjoying both the scientific aspects and the pajamas scrubs he gets to wear to work every day.  The job has really been a blessing to our family.  It’s particularly nice having him home at 4:30 every day with no homework or night job to occupy his time!  We’re spoiled.

In February, we made a tough (but right) decision and I stepped down from my position at Women’s Hope to be a stay-at-home mommy.  I do miss a lot about my job–and about working in general–but I’m fueling my creativity into planning activities for me and V.  Such as:

Making paper plate Abe Lincolns for Presidents’ Day

Painting “Let there be light” with yellow

Visiting the Atlanta children’s museum and playing with fake fish

Running around outside so we have crazy 80s hair

Watching cheesy performers make pirate-y things out of balloons

Practicing our innocent faces

Okay, so none of those things kept me too busy to blog.  But we’ve had fun!  Now I’m just preparing for the major dynamic change when Baby Girl #2–henceforth referred to as “Matilda,” “M,” or “The Tilda” (thanks, Jordan)–arrives in June (or July, if I’m honestly assessing the situation).

And now I’m off to work on resolution #3–that gnarly line about working out that I’ve been ignoring for far too long.  It really isn’t fair that pregnancy, during which I want absolutely nothing to do with any sort of exercise, ends with hours-long labor (aka, exercise).  I’ve downloaded a Couch-to-5K app, but I think I’ll have to hold out for the On-the-Floor-with-Chocolate-Cake-to-Walking-up-Stairs-without-Dying version.  Which I hear launches in August, about the time I’ll be writing my next blog post.  See ya then!

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2 Responses to 4 months in review.

  1. Mary C. Pretti says:

    Kacey, you are such a creative writer! I’m looking forward to further blogs. Don’t know if you have heard, but Matilda’s great, great, great maternal grandmother was named Matilda. How neat is that!

    • BJ had told me that! That is so neat, especially since we had no idea when choosing the name! Matilda’s middle name will be Irene, which was her great-great-great grandmother’s middle name. 🙂

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