That formidable canteen.

Here it is–the 27 ounce canteen that’s been by my side pretty constantly for the past five days.  It’s particularly embarrassing for someone pregnant to admit, but up until five days ago I drank absolutely no water.  I mean, every now and then I’d pour a small glass to take a pill or something, but I never liked the “taste” (or lack thereof) and relied on less-than-healthy liquids for hydration. Which probably means that I was pretty constantly dehydrated.

Five days ago, I traded my soft drink habit for my Klean Kanteen Reflect (which had sat on the counter unused for far too long).  I’ve made it my goal to drink three canteens-full of water a day and nothing else, and so far I’ve met or exceeded that goal every day. I separate it out–one canteen by 12, one by 4, and another by bedtime–and it really doesn’t seem as if I’m drinking all that much (although 81 ounces of water is a big jump from none!).  With the exception of a small glass of coffee punch at a shower on Saturday, I’ve had nothing but water to drink for five days.  And I’m losing the soft drink cravings!  I’m actually finding that I don’t crave sweets nearly as much as I did a week ago, which is an unexpected plus.

On top of my new commitment to H2O, I’ve also been doing the 30 Day Squat Challenge.  I’m on day five–a set of 70 squats–today, and it’s been pretty easy so far.  I do look a little further down the line and see a couple hundred squats looming ominously, but I’m trusting that my body will know what to do by then (surely).  Putting the computer up to do my set of 70 (and refill my canteen) now!  


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2 Responses to That formidable canteen.

  1. Ariel Hobbs says:

    Good for you! I always feel better when I only drink water. Those squats are probably fantastic physical preparation for labor 🙂 Go girl!

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