Meet Matilda!

matilda2 (1)My littlest love turned 2 weeks old today!  This sweetie has officially made me fall in love with the newborn stage–up until now, I’d said that I love the toddler stage but not the newborn/baby months.  She’s just so much fun!  Violet was a really sweet/easy baby too, but the stresses of school and work and everything else made it difficult to enjoy each moment.  This time around, I’m really able to soak in every little sound and expression and it’s amazing.

Matilda Irene Neely was born on June 17–right on time!  After being induced with Violet two weeks past my due date, I wasn’t too hopeful about having a baby at 40 weeks of pregnancy.  But she was prompt and after labouring overnight on Father’s Day, Matilda arrived at home at 7:46 A.M.  The home birth experience was so different from the hospital experience!  It was really nice to be able to relax in my own home immediately after delivery, and I’ve felt great since about 30 minutes after Matilda was born!

Last week was my first full week (well, six days) without BJ or any other family members at our home to help, and I survived!  I even made it out with both girls a few times.  One of those trips resulted in my tiny baby screaming while my 2-year-old puked in her car seat, but I consider that initiation to mothering two.

If there were any concerns about how I could possibly love another child as much as Violet, they’re long gone.  My heart grew to make room, and I love my two girls like crazy.


I mean, how could I not?

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