About the Neelys

No, we’re not teen parents.

I just thought I’d save you the trouble of asking, now that you’ve seen our picture and are judging us something fierce.  Or maybe you’re not.  Which makes you cool in my book; we should have coffee some time.

BJ and I (Kacey) are 22 years old and were married at the tender age of 19 after 2.5 years of dating.  God help us if our future children decide to pay us back for all the grief we caused our parents.  Mercy triumphs over judgment, right?  Right?

When we were first married, BJ and I were convinced we were the exact same person.  Turns out we’re not quite as alike as we thought.  BJ likes really awful puns, sushi, and video games, all of which make me a bit nauseated.  Unfortunately for BJ, I’m a ridiculously passionate person and he never gets a chance to talk about any of his interests because I’m constantly ranting about social justice, adoption, and my big idealist dreams.  So rather than reflecting each other, we cast totally different shadows that somehow look super cool side-by-side.

For our “paper” anniversary, we received a birth certificate for the world’s most hilarious child, Violet Eliana.  No, you cannot have her, borrow her to pick up girls, or imply she’s anything less than the cutest toddler in history (unless you want to see Mama Bear come out in full force).

Follow us through this blog as we (try to) work out life, marriage, and parenting in a small town.  And hang on for the ride of our lives!


6 Responses to About the Neelys

  1. Kris Smith says:

    love this Kacey! It’s a joy to watch you and BJ grow together as a couple and as parents to sweet Violet! Keep it up Girl!!!

  2. C Neely says:

    Maybe we did wish you all had waited a bit to marry, but we could not ask for a better life partner for our son or a more precious daughter in love to us! Love you all!

  3. Thomas says:

    How set-in-stone is that whole “no borrowing your daughter to pick up girls” thing?

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